Differences between vest rigs, plate carriers and tactical vests

Tactical vests are the zipped vests down the front that has mole all over, they have pouches and they also compartment that will hug tightly on your chest. They thereby allow you space and allow you to store your gear. Tactical vest is a lifesaver that protects your torso, lower back and your shoulders too. Tactical plate carrier chest rigs are barebones that carries a few mag of pouches depending on their sizes. They are good for you if you don’t carry a lot of things. They are the best for the assault gear. It is designed in a way that it can help carry your combat kit, grenades, tools, rifles magazines and medical kits.  It is versatile and also efficient for it to suit everybody’s needs.

Differences between them.

Tactical Plate carrier chest rigs they usually hold the airborne plate that are used to hold bullets and they are usually heavy but they have space for the more mags. Plate carriers are heavier than the chest rigs because they are designed to carry armours.  Their work is usually different in that the chest rigs carry the required water while the plate carriers carry the armour which is either soft or soft.


Tactical Plate carrier chest rigs are heavier than the chest rigs because the chest rigs only carry the water bottles and other supplies while the plate carriers carry the ceramics and the steel plate which heats your body than a chest rig. You can wear both the chest rig and the carrier plate and still feel comfortable and you can also wear a chest rig over a plate carrier. Tactical vests are different slightly from the plate carriers and the chest rigs. Tactical vest is mostly made to save life but it is very heavy when in a combat which makes them to be more uncomfortable when using than the chest rigs. Click here.


Tactical vests most of them are made of nylon around the chest. The work of the nylon is to increase the temperature of your body and these can lead to you being uncomfortable. The chest rigs are well ventilated because of it is design and its good material its comfortable and possible medical issues.


Chest rigs are more expensive than the tactical vest and the plate carriers once you have customised them to what you need.  Traditionally the chest rigs are stored and used longer while tactical vests is cheaper than the chest rigs although it does not allow a user to change over time.

In conclusion, when choosing your chest rig, tactical vest and the tactical plate carrier chest rigs consider the above differences and a variety of options and choices.  You have to look at the cost of both and also look at the maintenance and material that you are going to buy. Also ensure that what you are buying satisfies your need. Make sure you have done enough in order to have the knowledge over the same. For more information visit:

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